Wilford Brimley
Item: Wilford Brimley
Size: 1.73 metres, 1470 kilograms
Type: Diabeetus
Living: Yes
Sentient: Nobody fucking knows
Potential/Current Hazards Diabeetus
Required Wear/Weaponry
Location: optional -where is the item being kept?
Reported Anomaly: Magical skinny pills

The object is not to be used unless approved by at least three (3) personnel of ALPHA clearance.

The Usage portion should describe how we use the item, how careful we should be, how to take care of it, etc.

What is the item? What does it look like? What's the size? What does it do? Is there something we should be aware of? What are its anomalous properties? How'd we find it? When? How do we store the item safely? How do we protect it?

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