The Physics Engine
Item: "The Physics Engine"
Size: Not on record
Living: No
Sentient: No
Location: Base Four
Potential/Current Hazards: Untested theorems may become a hazard if not monitored closely; object emits constant radiation
Required Wear/Weaponry: Type IV Radiological Suits
Reported Anomaly: Reproduction of physics equations

Following the events of appendix B, usage of the object on untested theorems is only to be done with approval and supervision of at least three (3) personnel of Gamma level clearance or higher. When not being used for testing the object is to be used as a generator.

All personnel entering the object's containment cell are to wear hazardous material suits at all times.

The object is a cylindrical testing chamber connected via an unknown cable to a █████ brand personal computer, weighing 232 kilograms in total. The testing chamber is comprised of 79.9% steel, 14% iron, and 6.1% an unknown substance.

The object's anomalous properties manifest when any physics equation stating the parameters for an event or object (such as a black hole) is entered into the computer. Doing so activates the testing chamber, which causes the entered event or object to occur inside the chamber, despite any obvious source of activation. The testing chamber appears to be unaffected by the events inside, though if the testing chamber door is opened the events will have their normal effects. Pressing the "delete" key stops the event.

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