The One Who Was Once
Item: The One Who Was Once
Size: Approximately 164 centimetres in height and 80 kilograms in weight
Living: Unknown
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards Minor and major alteration of events in the future and past

All Insurgency files involving the object are to be constantly monitored by at least two personnel of GAMMA clearance level or higher. In the event of any change in the object's documentation, Mobile Research Team ████ █████████ is to be alerted immediately and all Insurgency documentation is to be searched for the new instance of the object. Once the object's date and location has been discovered, the item document is to be updated and monitoring is to be resumed.

The object appears to be a human male of approximately 164 centimetres in height and 80 kilograms in weight, as estimated by Mobile Research Team ████ █████████, most commonly observed wearing all-grey clothing consisting of a trench coat and wide-brimmed hat. Though minor adjustments have been made by the object to its own appearance, usually consisting of changes to the coat and/or hat to fit the time period it is in, all currently discovered reports of the object found by the CI have had the same general description of the object's appearance.

Photo, video and audio documentation of the object can only exist of the object during one time period. When the object changes its location and time, all documentation of the object of this type is altered to no longer contain the object, and the object then appears in separate documents that were previously unrelated.

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