Haos Untold

Most leaders might speak about the strength of their armies, the strength of their weaponry, the strength of their men.

By doing so, they give away their strongest points, and through that, show us their weakest ones. Men don't mention what they need to improve on, only how they believe they are superior to you.

So today, let's fight like cowards.

Let's not rely on sheer power to bash through the hordes of our enemies, let's not trust the strength of a sword or a rifle, let's trust the strength of what chaos relies on:


What would chaos be without those to fear it?

What would it be without the clever men to wield it?

What would it be without the religious to teach of it?

What would we be, without not only the cowardice of the people of the world, but the cowardice of ourselves?

Our cowardice is what sets us apart from the others. We don't join together, into a single, mighty army in the hopes of overpowering our enemy, in the hopes of being stronger, we stay divided: multiple, smaller forces, attacking from all sides. It allows us to stab people in the back and think nothing of it.

In a way, fear is intelligence. It's knowing that something is dangerous, and staying away from it, it's knowing that you're going to die and fixing that. It's taking precautions where others would be bold, and staying alive because of it. Fear is survival.

So today, let's be cowards. Let's survive another day.


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