Item: Everything
Size: Incalculable
Living: No
Sentient: No
Location: Facility: Eternity-68
Potential/Current Hazards: Possible Hazard with Mind-affecting anomaly
Required Wear/Weaponry: N/A
Reported Anomaly: Comprehensive Photo Documentation of All Known Things

The object has been deemed suitable for use by any Gamma clearance or higher personnel requiring information of any kind. All requests to extract information from the object are to be sent, a week in advance, to an Alpha Clearance personnel for approval under the format of a basic Item Usage Request log. If approved, all personnel listed in the Item Usage Request log are to be given unrestricted access to all sectors of the object's containment facility.

As of Incident 7489523-A, all attempts to retrieve information are to be done by test subjects, remotely instructed by at least one (1) Gamma clearance or higher personnel. Filled out and approved Item Usage Request log is still required. All Test subjects used to retrieve information from the object are to be terminated immediately after information retrieval is completed. In the event of any loss of communication with the test subject, any currently stationed CI Strike Team in Facility: ███████-██ is to be sent to the test subject's last known location. The test subject is to be terminated on sight and any information the test subject is carrying is to be returned to Facility: ███████-██ for examination.

The object is currently kept in underground Facility: Eternity 68, where its contents are being categorized by a research team (see Appendix A). The entrance to the elevator going down to the facility is currently within Facility: ███████-██, constantly guarded by no less than twelve (12) armed guards at any given time, with at least one (1) Heavy Strike Team stationed in the immediate vicinity. Filled out Item Usage Request Log with Alpha Approval paper must be shown before entry. To activate the elevator, at least one person must provide DNA identification that is scanned across a database of all Chaos Insurgency Personnel. If any discrepancies are detected during this process, the Heavy Strike Team currently stationed at the location is to be alerted immediately, and all people attempting to enter Facility: Eternity 68 are to be terminated immediately.

Facility: Eternity 68, along with its contents, the object, was discovered in the year 19██ when a coal mining camp discovered the object after opening a new section of cave. It was contained by the SCP Foundation shortly afterward, and through multiple expeditions it was revealed to be an underground sequence of artificially lit, leveled off tunnels, currently believed to have extradimensional properties due to their excessive size that would not normally fit in the earth's underground, including it's core and mantle. The facility currently known as ███████-██ was built around the entrance to the object over the next few years, and came under Chaos Insurgency control during their 1924 separation. The object itself is a collection of approximately fifty quindecillion pieces of inkjet paper, each with what appears to be a hand-drawn representation of an object somewhere in the universe, done in such detail that some images appear to be a black and white photograph. The papers themselves are arranged in numerous stacks, each lined up on shelves throughout the facility. For any object that cannot be fully depicted on one page, there are numerous pages depicting each area of the object. For objects such as books, each page is depicted individually.

Next to the entrance to the tunnel is an electronic panel with a video screen and slightly protruding keyboard. When left idle for more than five minutes, the screen displays the words "Input Search Query." When any set of words or numbers are typed, the location of all documents related to the input are shown. As more is added to the user's search query, more document locations are removed from the screen, narrowing down the user's search until the needed information's location is shown.

When any object is modified in any way, shape or form, including damage to the object or the combination of any other object with said object, the piece of paper for that object disappears, with a new paper depicting its modified version appearing somewhere in the facility. If an object is destroyed, the object's paper will also disappear, with an entirely new object on the shelf replacing the original. Due to this effect, if an entire section's contents are simultaneously destroyed (which is a common occurrence), the entire room disappears, with a new room appearing from a hallway with empty space somewhere in the facility. Because of the rate at which new pages are added and disappearing, the facility is constantly being modified, and thus has had sensors built in to recognize modifications and send them to the electronic map database.

As of ██/██/19██, the object has shown mind-affecting and physically-affecting properties toward all personnel that come in direct contact with the object's contents. Test subjects and personnel assigned to Facility: ███████-██ have not been affected. Approximately 10% of all personnel affected by these properties have reported aching, nausea, hallucinations and, in some cases, scopaesthesia; none of the symptoms have dissipated after separation from the object. Psychological examination and interrogation of affected personnel has led researchers to believe [REDACTED], along with revealing that some affected personnel also suffer from depression, insomnia and fits of sub-psychotic rage. (See appendix C)

Appendix A
As the object taking the place of previously destroyed objects have no relation to one another, all attempts to categorize the object have been stopped. Researchers are currently searching for a means for building an automated organization system.

Appendix B
As of █/██/20██, the amount of pages contained by the object has begun to drop at an estimated rate of ███ billion per second, resulting in the disappearance of numerous rooms and sections of the facility. None of the pages, rooms or sections to disappear have reappeared or been replaced so far, suggesting a steady loss in matter to the universe.

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